Roman Emperor Boys Costume


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Product Description

Roman Emperors are not only famous for being the most powerful men of their time, but also for being the craziest. Nero was suspected to have set Rome on fire just to build a new palace all covered in gold: Caligola is remembered for choosing his own horse as a senator.. and the list could go on..

If you want to write a piece of history just join these eminent ancestors with the amazing Roman Emperor costume!

The costume consists in a white knee length tunic with Greek fret on the sleeves and at the bottom of the tunic. A bright red drape is attached to the left shoulder and a white and gold rope belt keep it in place. Also included is a golden cloth wreath, which was sign of glory, power and victory.

Costume includes:

  • Tunic with attached drape
  • Belt
  • Headpiece
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