Glow Stick Bracelets – 100 pack – Multi-Buy


Product Description

Wow your friends with ‘magic’ with these glow sticks! The flexible plastic tube contains fluorescent dye and hydrogen peroxide which mix when the tube is bent, activating the solution. This simple action is enough to convert the chemical energy into light energy – clever, eh?

To activate simply bend the bracelet until you hear a snap then shake it until the light appears. Bend it again to form a circle then join the ends with the connector to make a bracelet.

These are ideal for kids’ birthday parties, camping, summer festivals, playing hide and seek in the dark, and much much more! Why not wear insect wings and an antennae headband and pretend to be a firefly? Or add one to each tentacle of an octopus costume?

You can also use these for easy science experiments at home; try putting an activated glow stick in a cup of hot water, and another one in a cup of cold water. Leave for a few minutes. Which one glows brighter? With another glow stick feel the temperature of the stick before you activate it, and again after; has it changed temperature? And why do you think some creatures have bioluminescence? Plenty more suggestions for easy experiments with glow sticks can be found online.

This tube of 100 glow bracelets contains 4 assorted colours of pink, blue, yellow and green.
Please note due to small parts these are unsuitable for young children under 6 and must be used under adult supervision.

• Pack of 100 containing 4 assorted colours
• Connectors included
• CE marked for toy safety standards

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