Disney Princess Bubble Tub 60ml - Assorted


Product Description

Is there anything more fun than blowing bubbles? Just blow through the wand and be amazed as a perfect bubble is formed as if by magic! Whilst these may look as clear as water to the less observant, if you’re lucky you may see all the colours of the rainbow in them as they slowly float away, then……. POP! Children will love the challenge of making the bubbles as big as they can and seeing how long they last, especially when they’re in competition with one another!

Ideal as a party bag filler, these are perfect for keeping the kids entertained whether they are playing outside in the park or garden, stuck indoors on a rainy day, or even in the bath! These are also perfect for sensory play and for use in science experiments. Bubbles are absolutely adored by kids of all ages, so keep a tub in your bag and you’ll never have to listen to “I’m bored” again.

The screw-top plastic tub with attached wand is filled with approximately 60ml of eco-friendly bubble solution and has a simple puzzle maze on the lid and a Disney princess design.

These are assorted and so you will receive one of the following four Disney princess designs: Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rapunzel from Tangled, or Cinderella from the eponymous movie.

Please note due to small parts these are unsuitable for young children and must be used under adult supervision.

•    Assorted designs
•    Eco-friendly bubble solution
•    CE marked for toy safety standards

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