Cavalier Set Moustache


Product Description

This moustache and goatee set has been around since the 17th century as the famous artist Van Dyke would have had one and many men around that time period would have worn it too! Musketeers were also founded in the 17th century; they were light cavalry created by Louis XIII to fight battles both on foot and horseback.

Not only is this beard set ideal for dressing up as character from different time periods but also it is great for more recent fictional characters like Captain Blackbeard from the movie Pan. To create different character and look all you may need to do is adjust the moustache to the style that best suits you!

This moustache included has a handlebar design, another name for it is the spaghetti moustache. This is when the ends of the tash is lengthy with upwards curve extremities. The goatee beard is thick at the top and as you go down to the bottom of it the hair comes together into a point.

At the back of the black beard set is an adhesive strip which you can simply peel of the paper and place it above your lip!

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