Bubble Sword - Assorted - 110ml 36cm


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Product Description

Your kids are so bored they could cry, they’ve already developed square eyes from too much screen time and you can’t hear yourself think, let alone get any work done. So give your little darlings something to do that takes them outside, with this giant bubble wand!

The bubble tube has an extra-long wand to create extra-big bubbles with minimal effort! Simply draw out the wand from the tube and swish it through the air to create magical orbs of wonder! Perfect for those dreaded at-home science experiments, you can explore surface tension, light refraction, geometry, and more! The wet and sticky nature is also great for sensory play.

As well as generating bubbles the tube can be held like a sword or light sabre, and when empty can simply be refilled with your own bubble solution. Use in the garden, in the park, at a children’s party or at a summer festival.

The screw-top plastic tube with attached giant wand is filled with approximately 110ml of bubble solution and comes in 4 assorted colours.

This price is for one item, colours are picked at random.

Please note this is unsuitable for young children and must be used under adult supervision.

•    Assorted colours
•    34cm long
•    CE marked for toy safety standards

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