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  • Tall Ships Races Maritime Festival

    The Tall Ships Races are returning to Belfast between the 2nd-5th of July this year! The Maritime Festival is great family event and yet another excuse to get your fancy dress costumes on...
  • A Must See Production - Disney on Ice!

    Disney on Ice is a must-see production that goes on tour throughout Ireland and the UK. If you have never been, we highly recommend you go! Everyone going is expected to dress up in Disney fancy dress costumes and we run a great selection of Disney costumes here at Elliotts fancy dress Belfast, so look no further...
  • Book Week for Kids - Plenty of Ideas!

    Book week is a great way to celebrate literature and get children involved in reading. Schools have an annual Book Week where their children dress up as their favourite character from a book. This can be a pain for parents trying to find a suitable character but not to worry, Elliott's are here to help. We have a range of authors, characters, costumes and accessories to help you this year!
  • Flag Trivia

    Every four years the whole World goes football crazy when the World Cup comes to town. This year, it’s all set to start again when the World’s greatest football tournament kicks off in Brazil.
  • Ancient Times: A look through the ages

    Popular periods in History - Ideas for nasty or nice characters from these raucous and romping past eras.
  • Accessorise for Pride in Belfast 2014

    Kit yourself out for the Parade Diverse-Equal-Proud is the theme for Belfast Gay Pride 2014 the parade is getting closer so we have comprised a list of essentials for Belfast Gay Pride 2014.
  • 1920s Fancy Dress: What did they wear in the roaring 20s?

    Before you indulge in 1920s fancy dress it is important to remember that it was a dramatic transition in the fashion world, particularly in women's clothing. Ladies of the era shucked off  the more restrictive corsets and floor length skirts of the previous century and began to embrace looser-fitting clothing with dropped waits lines and shorter hemlines.

  • Top 5 80s Fancy Dress Ideas

    When we think back to the fashions of the 1980s it is often with an equal mixture of fondness and cringe-inducing horror. However, this era is remembered so fondly that it makes a great basis for a themed party. There's a whole host of fun costumes to create so here's our guide to five of the best 80s fancy dress ideas to try.
  • What to Wear for Cowgirl Fancy Dress

    So, how do you wear cowgirl fancy dress? Here you'll find all the tips and tricks you need to make the most of National Day of the Cowboy. Famous cowgirl fancy dress idols Famous cowgirls such as Dale Evans, Sacagewea, Annie Oakley, Velma Bronn Johnston and Sandra Day O'Connor epitomise the true spirit of the cowgirl: pioneering, courageous, independent, tenacious and not afraid to speak out against injustice.
  • Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes: How to dress like a pirate

    Preparing for a pirate party? First things first, pirate fancy dress costumes are the key to any swashbuckling look.

    Think breeches and belts, bandanas and big boots, with the all-important pirate hat perched atop the captain’s head. Pirates come in all styles, from the down and dirty deck hands with their jagged hems and scowling faces right through to those proudly wearing their bounty in gold chains and rings.

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