Tall Ships Races Maritime Festival

The Tall Ships Races are returning to Belfast between the 2nd-5th of July this year! The Belfast Maritime Festival great family event that includes fairgrounds, live music and dance, nautical activities and street performers getting everyone involved in the Quayside entertainment.

You'll get to see all of the Pirate Captains and crew around the Belfast Titanic Quarter Area and of course they want you to join in! So make a day of it and get dressed up in your favourite Pirate costume. Here at Elliott's we have a huge range of pirate costumes and pirate accessories suitable for both children and adults.

For girls who want to rule the Pirate ship we have the Caribbean Pirate Girl costume, paired with a pirate cutlass she will surely have the crew on their toes. For those girls who would prefer to keep it glamorous, the Deluxe Pirate Princess costume is right for you! For the boys we have plenty of pirate character costumes for you. You could dress up in a Captain Hook costume or a Jack Sparrow costume; or maybe you'll want to make traitors walk the plank in our Captain Blackheart costume. Whatever the character, crew member or captain. We have the costumes suitable for your little ones in both toddler and children's sizes.


And don't stop there. This is a family fun event, so it's only fair you get dressed up too! Of course we'll begin with ladies first. We have a huge range of beautiful Pirate lady costume you will be spoilt for choice. Our Caribbean Pirate Woman costume is a popular favourite and comes in sizes to suit everyone. Maybe you'd prefer to go all out with something a little more authentic, our High Seas Pirate Wench costume is perfect for the Tall Ships event! And for the mean whether you want to be sweeping the deck on running it we will have something suitable. Our authentic High Seas Pirate man would be excellent for recreating the unforgettable Jack Sparrow. Or maybe you'll want to change it up a little and go for an Admiral Norrington costume. Couples Pirate costumes are also great idea for partners and for the family. Create your own little crew and head down to see the Tall Ships.


Maybe Pirate accessories is all you need and yes you guessed right... We have got you sorted! Pirate accessories are great for kids and adults to create your own costume or just to get in the spirit of the Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival event. You'll need a pirate tricorn, pirate hat with hair or skull cap; an eye patch either plain or with a skull and crossbones; a pirate cutlass or pirate gun and pirate earrings to create the perfect pirate costume. Other Pirate accessories or nautical accessories are available: a pirate beard, pirate wig, skull and crossbones flag, parrot for shoulder and even some pirate loot are available for purchase in store and online. If you want to go all out have a look at our makeup range to create the perfect pirate look with some Snazaroo face paint great for kids and adults to create that dirty face or unshaven beard and some gold tooth enamel for those rich teeth.

Alternatively we stock a huge range of sailor costumes and accessories. Sailor hats and Captain hats are available for women and men. Nautical tights, stockings and gloves are available for the women to accessorise the perfect ladies All Hands on Deck Sailor costume. For men we have great stock of our French Sailor and Navy Man Sailor costumes. And of course not to forget the little ones, we stock little sailor girls and boys costumes, as well as toddler sailor costumes. Your kids will look adorable! These naval costumes will look great at the Belfast Tall Ships event, it's all a bit of fun after all.


So make sure you head down to the Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival , around the Titanic Quarter, Odyssey and Pollock dock area to see the ships, the entertainment and the food. It's sure to be a great family day out!

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