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Flag Trivia


Every four years the whole world goes football crazy when the World Cup comes to town. This year, it’s all set to start again when the world’s greatest football tournament kicks off in Brazil.

Everyone loves to celebrate and World Cup Flags are definitely part of the scene, either to wave at matches or as part of the celebration at home post-game. A street party after England’s game is a great way of, hopefully, celebrating victory! So make sure there is plenty of food and drink and lots of different flags of the world to wave.

During this festival of football, you don’t only need to know each country’s kit, you most importantly need to know their flags. That is why we have arranged a quick quiz to help you warm up.

Q1. Which flags belong to each Scandinavian country? You get bonus points if you can identify the world’s oldest flag from this Norse selection.


Q2. Which two sovereign-states have the world’s only square flags?


Q3. What is the most commonly used colour within flags around the world?


Q4. Whose flag is entirely green with no symbols?


Q5. Which Australian territory has a flag that doesn’t include the Union Jack?


How did you think you fared in our spectacular flag quiz? Hang your head in shame if you scored 0-1, you should do your homework if you reached a score of 1-2, and for anything more than 3 – you should buy yourself a pint! Well done.

Playing flag based games, either before or after a football game, is a great way to bring family and friends together.

Why not try this idea?! Print off lots of pictures of participating players from across the nations and line their national flags up along a table. Encourage people to match the player with the correct flag. This will certainly test the knowledge of all concerned! It’s also a fun way of getting to know people and interacting. Divide people into teams or pit family against family.

In terms of decoration, large flags look great when strung up while our range of table flags, with their detachable bases, make for fantastic table markers and are also brilliant as hand flags to wave about. Who will sit on the Brazilian table, or the German or Spanish? Know your flag and choose the right table. Or, why not decorate yourself with a big 5ft x 3ft flag and wrap it around you like a cape, there’ll be no questionof which team you are supporting!

The World Cup is a serious competition, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have a bit of fun at home while we watch the matches. Using our national game to bring the country together as we support the team out in Brazil is a perfect excuse for a party and, with a little flag trivia thrown in, we can certainly fly our flag!


1.  (Left - right) Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark (world’s oldest flag)

2.  Switzerland & Vatican City State

3.  Red

4.  National Flag of Libya

5. Australia Northern Territory

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