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What to Wear for Cowgirl Fancy Dress


So, how do you wear cowgirl fancy dress? Here you'll find all the tips and tricks you need to make the most of National Day of the Cowboy.

Famous cowgirl fancy dress idols

Famous cowgirls such as Dale Evans, Sacagewea, Annie Oakley, Velma Bronn Johnston and Sandra Day O'Connor epitomise the true spirit of the cowgirl: pioneering, courageous, independent, tenacious and not afraid to speak out against injustice.


They were also incredibly stylish for the era, instigating their own sense of masculine style that meant not all women had to wear dresses and skirts. Arguably the most famous cowgirl was the American frontierswoman, Calamity Jane.


What to wear for cowgirl fancy dress

Cowgirl is an attitude, and the attire should be fashionable yet practical. Master the timeless look by integrating feminine touches into a primarily masculine style.

Firstly, a worn-in pair of jeans is the essential base to the cowgirl outfit. The jeans should be fitted, and will ideally have rips in them. Alternatively, you can wear cut-off denim shorts or a denim skirt. Next, wear a checked or plaid shirt with buttons, either long or short sleeved, and in any colour you like.


Cowgirls usually wear their sleeves rolled up to the elbows or tie the shirt in a knot at the waist. A Western-style cowboy hat is also essential. They can be black, brown, tan, or white. More authentic hats have medallions or embellishments on them.


Next up are the boots. Traditionally, cowboy boots are made of leather and come in a variety of toe styles: round, square, or pointed toe. There are many styles available and don't have to cost lots of money. And the finishing touch to any authentic cowgirl outfit has got to be the bandana around the neck! Tie it around the back of your neck so the knot is not visible and the triangle of material sits at the front.


Cowgirls traditionally wear their hair braided so spend a little time experimenting with your hair to find a style that's easy to do and suits your hair length. Low ponytails are another option if you are not confident with braiding.

As for makeup, keep the eyes minimal with mascara and a touch of liner, but make an impact with the lips and try a strong, statement colour such as a deep red or vibrant orange to add a sexy vibe to the look.

Cowgirl fancy dress movie inspiration


If you are still stuck for inspiration, why not check out a cowgirl film to get you in the mood? Try 100 Rifles, Bandidas, Bad Girls, The Outlaw or The Dukes of Hazard to get those creative juices flowing!

And, if your fella needs some tips on how to dress for National Day of the Cowboy, get him to watch Unforgiven, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Searchers or The Assassination of Jesse James.

Create the cowboy look with three essentials - cowboy boots, ripped jeans and an authentic looking hat. A wide leather belt with a large metal buckle will add extra credibility to the look. And if they are really dedicated, a beard or moustache will really compliment the look! Finally, whatever you wear for cowgirl fancy dress, don't forget to have a great day and truly embrace the spirit of the cowgirl!

What will your cowgirl fancy dress outfit include?

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