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Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes: How to dress like a pirate


Preparing for a pirate party? First things first, pirate fancy dress costumes are the key to any swashbuckling look.

Think breeches and belts, bandanas and big boots, with the all-important pirate hat perched atop the captain’s head. Pirates come in all styles, from the down and dirty deck hands with their jagged hems and scowling faces right through to those proudly wearing their bounty in gold chains and rings.


How to sail the seven seas with pirate fancy dress costumes

Stipple sponges can be used with black make up to create stubble and shadows on the face, while blacking out teeth can be incredibly effective in making someone look like they’ve spent months at sea with scurvy. Women can rule the waves in any number of pirate fancy dress costumes, with corset style tops, skirts and waistcoats making the pirate’s life a breeze.

Don’t forget that essential accessory of a sword around the waist! When dressed up and ready, it’s then time to get into character. Think confident, clever and cool - walk with a swagger, smirk at everyone and be ready with a joke whenever the opportunity arises!

Getting a pirate party started

When it comes to the venue, setting up for a pirate themed event is all about creating the right atmosphere. Themed food and drinks work well for both children’s and adult’s parties. Set up a bowl of ‘Pirate’s Punch’ made from fruit juices - with some added rum for the adults…but be sure not to get them mixed up!

To get the decor right, stick with nautical ideas, think of colours such as blacks and reds with the Jolly Roger motif used around the room. Alternatively, try making use of treasure chests full of chocolate coins and scatter ‘gemstones’ around the tables to show off those ill-gotten gains made out at sea…….GAAARRRR!

For the best of craic create a treasure map with a start and end point in the garden photocopy it and stain it with tea, burn the edges a wee bit – to achieve the look of an ancient long forgotten manuscript. Print enough for all the kids and maybe some adults who want to take part (adults must be under 5foot  though to enter!). Hide some swords, maybe a stuffed parrot or two, chocolate gold coins, a bag of bones, and other small goodies around the garden. Make the final destination the spot of the grand prize, so you weave through the garden with x’s marking the spot. Don’t make the location too accurate on your map for added screaming and roaring fun. Another option for older children is to make a trail around the garden using ONLY CLUES, but make the clues cryptic and with some ‘oh arrgh, shiver me timbers” Pirate speak! and “To find ye pirates silver grave ye must be followin clues and behave!”

This is a brilliant party game for the girls and boys and provides great entertainment for the adults as well because the kids are having so much fun being pirates on a great adventure to find the deftly hidden treasures in the garden.


Have you recently thrown a pirate fancy dress themed party? Tell us all about it and send in pictures of your best pirate costume.

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