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Ancient Times: A look through the ages


Popular periods in History - Ideas for nasty or nice characters from these raucous and romping past eras.

Roman Times

Imagine being a Roman gladiator fighting in the Colosseum before a crowd of thousands or even Julius Caesar in all his majesty!

Roman costumes can be amazingly effective, using the simplest accessories. Fake blood is essential to bring the gladiator to life, so don’t stint on it and spread it over arms and legs with effective splashes on the face. Rub some sandy coloured face paint on and an arena appearance has been created. Be sure to hold a net and a trident as weapons and these finishing touches will really make you look the part.

Roman costumes aren’t simply for the boys either. Girls look lovely as Roman goddesses, draped in flowing robes and with beautifully styled hair. Carrying an ornate jug or platter adorned with grapes makes for elegance at any age.

Cavemen & Cavewomen

Cavemen and women are equally easy to recreate. It doesn’t have to be Fred and Wilma Flintstone either, as a realistic look can be created with the aid of face paints and tooth enamel. Using this to black out a few teeth really looks the part and, coupled with a caveman wig and beard, a truly terrifying appearance can be achieved.


Of course, the caveman was an excellent hunter, so make sure there are plenty of weapons on hand. The traditional caveman always carried a club and was obviously dirty and dusty so make full use of face paints. Create a suitably dirty face and apply paint to the arms and legs for the full caveman effect.

No well-dressed caveman would be seen dead without his own particular jewellery, so stick with bones, animal teeth and faux fur for the perfect jewellery to compliment your caveman costume. Wilma holds her hair in place with a bone, you could maybe try this out for a unique cavewoman look. Bones are also perfect to wear as necklaces, bracelets and anklets for a cool caveman look.

Imagination can run riot when constructing a costume, so go with it and be amazed at the effects that can be created with the minimum of materials.


The Viking Ages

Let's not forget the beard-loving, helmet wearing Norse seafarers The Vikings!

Brown is a popular colour with Viking costumes, so be sure that what you wear contains a lot of autumn colours such as browns, golds, and reds (not just from the fake blood you could use to paint the tip of your sword, or splatter in a haphazard manner across your new costume)

To keep warm in winter, Vikings wore fur. Ladies, if you've been out in fancy dress, you know how it difficult can be to look good AND keep warm: With a Viking costume,  a little extra fur will not only keep the heat in on those cold party nights, but add to the authenticity of the costume! (And it looks fabulous - we promise) If you don't want to skin an animal yourself, you could always try our store or online website for a fur laced belt or coat! Fellas, if growing a beard is too much short notice, a fake beard works just as well.

Helmets and shields are two of the most recognisable features of a Viking. Shields should be lightweight enough to carry about, but realistic enough that you're recognised as a fierce warrior from Scandinavia (at least as... a well-costumed reincarnation of one!) and helmets are much the same.

A sword is a must of course, village plundering is optional! :)


Classical Ancient Greeks

The Ancient Greeks are a popular choice. The history of Ancient Greece is somewhat alluring, filled with gods and goddesses, beautiful architecture, and some very smart people.

If you want to master the Greek ensemble, you should probably put a little more effort than the infamous College 'Toga Party' dress - a bed-sheet wrapped around your middle looks good, but sometimes, a legitimate costume needs more.

Mostly, Greek costumes include white dress colour with one of various colours draping from the shoulder or around the belt. White and red looks particularly good, if you're going for that 'royal' look, as does white and gold; which is one of the most commonly used colour combinations in Greek apparel.

Sandals are a definite for this costume - gladiator or roman sandals look best, but anything will fit the bill as long as it looks somewhat neutral or at least matching (for example, bright green flip flops with a palm tree print won't exactly compliment your creamy gold Greek wraparound), and headbands are a good choice as well!

With any of these 'interesting' periods in history you will be sure to have a great time trying to emulate the times at your party, do a bit of research, learn about the times. Become Ceasar... demand that your 'Legions march out of Rome towards the East of the Aegean Sea and take no prisoners unless they surrender!' Or as a high ranking Roman Public Offical you can chat about your team of Gladiators;how well they are preforming at the Colosseum & how many Aureus they won for you recently at the 'Bookies'.

If anything it will give you something different to chat about with your mates! And the wine or beer will be flowing. I'm sure they had some form of fermented drinks or apple mush in Caveman times... lol - if not, we can always pretend they did! Let the party continue....Ugg Uggg Beer Drink Women Ug Brontasauraus UggggH Steak Ugg, have you seen my copy of the Times Uhh Ugg?! Belch!

Written by Erin, Amy & Eithne

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