BINGO: 3 Game - 1 Bundle


Product Description

Bingo 3 booklets: pack of 125

An alternative to Single scoops, the next best option is 3 Game.

When you buy a Bingo 3 game bundle, you have will find 3 sheets attached together as a booklet, each sheet within the booklet is a different colour and there are 125 booklets. On each sheet are 6 Games.

Each booklet will have the same colour order of sheets, so you can play say the 1st sheet of 6 games which is coloured blue, and for the next bingo game play the red 2nd sheet, and for the 3rd play the yellow sheet. The colours may change with each bundle of either 3, 5 ,6 or 10 game that you buy, but they will have the same order in each bundle. You must make sure that everyone plays on the same colour of sheet.

All games are numbered and each coloured sheet is numbered sequentially, this means that number of last game on the yellow sheet of the 1st booklet (in the bundle) say is number 6, the next booklet with a yellow sheet in the bundle will be number 7. This is to ensure that the chances of winning a game are defined by probability, if you start mixing up the colours more people will win!

So say for example you normally hand out one sheet per bingo game, and maybe you have three bingo games in an evening and use three single sheets. All you would have to do is hand out one booklet to each player. Play through one sheet per bingo game, as above.

If you just want to hand out one sheet (as you would if you had single sheets) you could separate the top sheet from each booklet and play as normal. So if you have 10 players, just tear off 1 sheet (same colour) from 10 booklets and play the bingo as normal. Just remember as your bingo crowd may vary over time with more or less players just ensure your playing on the same coloured sheets.

If you’re playing bingo at home using Zoom or other multimedia platform you can take a photo the pages put their name and the date on it and get them to print it out at their house... once that’s done start playing BinGO!

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