Kryolan Acetone 100ml


Product Description

STANDARD GROUND DELIVERY ONLY! This solvent cannot be delivered by air freight, therefore this is NOT ELIGIBLE FOR 24 HOUR express delivery to UK Mainland. This can only be sent by 48hr standard delivery to UK Mainland (deliveries to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland are not affected).

KRYOLAN: Cosmetic grade Acetone Solvent is used for shaping Tuplast (Acetone solvent is essential for the manipulation of Tuplast and so there is no point having one without the other) and creating transitions (dissolving the edges) for synthetic bald caps.

Acetone will remove fat from your skin (this is called defatting) so after use be sure to apply a  moisturiser high in fat (Lanolin known as wool fat). It is also recommended to give your skin a few days to recover before using in the same spot. Only use Cosmetic grade Acetone and DO NOT inhale, ingest or let it come in contact with eyes.
Keep out of reach if children.

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