80s Neon Kit – Headbands and Jewellery


Product Description

If you want to revisit the decade that style forgot, you’ll be needing this mismatched 80s Neon Kit - as you and I know nothing really did match in the 80s!!

With 2 headbands, a pair of earrings and a necklace, this kit will go with any of your 80s neon or new wave outfits.

The neon pink and neon yellow headbands can be worn together to really make the colours pop, while the clip-on abstract earrings consist of a neon pink triangle and a neon green square, both with a black bead in the centre. The matching necklace has black beads, again with a neon pink square and neon green triangle attached.

•    2 Headbands
•    Clip-on Earrings
•    Necklace

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